Sacred Sites Tour - MSP

Hear the ancient stories of the original peoples of this area, the Native Americans. The fabled story of Hiawatha, the beautiful mythical Indian princess was inspired by Longfellows imagination from the beauty of this area.

Mille Lacs Band Indian Museum Tours

Learn about the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, their history and culture , play traditional Ojibwe games, learn how to make a variety of arts and crafts and participate in weekend workshops that will appeal to all age groups and interests.

American Indian Art Tour

Traditional Native American art is unique and diverse, some of it traditional, some of it quite modern. The art tells stories. And one can learn about the background of the artists as we share the how and the why of the person behind the art in order to honor them.

Ojibwe Migration Tour

The Seven Fires Prophecy is an Ojibwe prophecy that encourages the union of all for color’s of the human race to ensure a kinship that will lead to peace and harmony.  The prophecy warns that without a union of the earth’s people the earth will cleanse itself.

Naturally Native Tour

These traditions are used today just as they were thousands of years ago. Our cultural guides will share the stories and traditional practices of gathering food and medicine. Enjoy listening ,smelling and harvesting some of North America’s finest plants known to the American Indians of Minnesota.

What is an Indigenous Tour?

Cultural tourism allows travelers to be immersed in the local rituals and routines of Indigenous People, taking away shared memories and combined with unique experiences. Cultural tourism encourages local communities to embrace their culture while finding ways to celebrate and promote what distinguishes their communities from others. In doing so, it provides the opportunity for an authentic cultural exchange between locals and visitors.

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