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*None of these are sponsored. I just happen to like them and think they’re valuable.*

As a person who is constantly glued to my smartphone (for better and for worse) I’ve installed and uninstalled too many apps to count. Here are a few travel related apps that have made the cut and gotten to stay on my phone besides the obvious ones like Airbnb,, and airline apps.

TripIt – TripIt offers automatic tracking of all trip information from an email account. I’ve found this SUPER helpful. It’s almost like a digital personal assistant that says “Hey Amy, remember that trip you booked, it’s coming up and so this is what airport you need to be at and here’s where you’re picking up that rental car for a few days and look you booked this tour too!” Thanks TripIt!

Hitlist – This is a trip tracking app for cheap deals. I mark what places I’m interested in traveling too and it notifies me of deals that it comes across. This can also be used together with a travel agent if you give them the information they can see if they can do better for you!

The next two are admittedly a bit unconventional but I like actually going to things the locals are into vs just things that are for tourists.

Eventbrite – Eventbrite is an AWESOME way to figure out what events are happening not only in your hometown but for when you travel to other places! It’s international and an easy way to find something last minute to do for the day/night. – Similar to Eventbrite, offers local activities geared towards locals. I find it’s a really fun and easy way to meet locals without much pressure. Added bonus? You’re somewhat of an oddity in a good way so people always want to know how you found your way to “x event” and what made you come to their hometown.


Good luck with your travels and remember to have fun!

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