Why book a tour? I’m a millennial with a smart phone.

Nature scene from Two Harbors, MN

Often when I travel I find myself thinking what in the world would I do without my smartphone. Whether it be looking for the coolest place to have a coffee and sit on a patio or the best art museum with the weirdest stuff to post to Instagram. One thing I’ve learned over the years of traveling internationally and nationally is that booking a tour is totally worth it.

Surprise surprise, Google doesn’t always know local history, nor does it have a way to make it really feel alive. Guide books are great but that’s nothing compared to a real life human being with the knowledge and passion for their local history or activity that they are giving a tour on. So while I may be a penny pincher on flights and accommodations I always put money down on a good tour. It’s a great way to meet people (especially when traveling solo) and it provides enlightening context for the places we travel to.

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