Cultural Competency Workshops


The purposes of these workshops are to expand the participant’s a) definition of culture, b) knowledge and acquisition of skills to perform a cultural assessment, c) awareness of tools available to assist in providing culturally competent line of work in participant’s field, and d) use of the historical content to provide respectful services.

Cultural competence can mean:

  •  You can communicate across cultures comfortably and effectively.
  •  You have an open attitude and genuine curiosity toward others who are different.
  •  You are willing to learn new information and skills from people from other cultures.
  •  You are willing to share information about cultural experiences.

Culture is an essential part of who we are and shapes our beliefs, practices, and traditions. Participants will explore their own cultural heritage, stereo-types related to cultures, and implications these stereo-types have had on our communities.


  • Identify how cultural beliefs are formed
  • Recognize how assumptions may hinder development of a culturally based plan of service
  • Identify one’s own culture
  • Why culturally competency is needed